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This site contains photographs and memories from Dark Shadows events that I have attended with my friends.

The most recent addition to the site is Memorial Day Weekend 2010 at Seaview Terrace, the house whose exterior was featured as Collinwood on Dark Shadows.

Here, you will find photos from Collins Association Halloween Weekends and the 2000 dinner held at Le Bar Bat in New York City. Photos from Dark Shadows FestivalsCrawfordsville Jonathan Frid Show, and Night of Dark Shadows 30th Anniversary screening have also been added. A video of the Night of Dark Shadows festivities is also available. Clips from the video have been added to the site.

Dean's Quest is collector Dean Wilson's account of his search for the Barnabas ring.

As a tribute to Louis Edmonds, who passed away in early 2001, My Memories of Big Lou have been added to the site. This portion of the site also includes video of Louis telling his Dark Shutters story.

You can also find information about the Collinwood Collection: Book III and the 2001 T-shirt featuring Stuart Manning's cover art from the book. Check out Stuart's Dark Shadows Journal Online site.


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